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Electric Strikes are electromechanical door locking devices for use with various latch bolt locksets that are installed in place of the conventional lock strike plate. They are used in conjunction with various locksets and various access control devices to provide additional security, traffic control and convenience of remote operation.
Electric strikes are generally low voltage devices that use a solenoid to control a movable keeper (or gate). The keeper interacts with the latch bolt of the lockset on the door and allows the door to be opened upon activation even though the latch bolt of the lockset is in the extended position. Electric strikes can be used for many types of applications including interior control, perimeter control, stairwell control, elevator control, and fire exits. Installation of security systems is key to having peace of mind at your residential property. Don’t let the electric strike be the weak part of your system. We works with top quality brands such as  HES, Adams Rite, Von Duprin Electric Strike, Locknetics Electric Strike and Alarm Controls. Please find more information about each brand at the provided descriptions below.
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